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Welcome to the site of Herbs by Heart!


ervaringenDo you want to use herbs in your daily life to stay healthy and energized?

ervaringenDo you believe you don’t have enough knowledge and experience to do that?

ervaringenDo you want to get the knowledge you need with ease and fun by coloring mandalas?

ervaringenDo you like to learn in your own time and place with the people you choose?




ervaringenDo you struggle with remembering all those qualities of all those different herbs?

ervaringenDo you fear that you pick the wrong herbs from the wild and that they might be poisonous?




Then you came to the right website.




I help you with getting the knowledge you need by coloring beautiful mandalas I made especially for women like you who want to use herbs in daily life to stay healthy and energized.




I suggest you start today by downloading the E-book below for FREE.




Enjoy coloring!